To everyone in Education,

I have gone through hell trying to find an understanding man in society, but most are scared of woman, why so? At Evansville Day School, we have a 350lb Gorilla that wouldn’t reply to my emails. Anything else is a threat to the statuesque. He locks himself in the office, but what does he do? I don’t ever get a constructive conversation from him or a reply back from my emails. I had two intro conversations and nothing else in the past 3years.  

He empowers a unisex Asian Lady at the front desk so she has a GOD-like syndrome. She runs wild, chasing power and drama. The Asian lady makes the decisions. Secretaries need to remember their position as greeters.  

I get it. Kevin Kunst has a cushy job. He is protected by an EDS manufacturing train and the wall of tattooed modern women roaming the halls. He found himself a nook. Where I presume he spends his time watching porn. Why would the uneasiness and solitude grow through the years? Supposedly, he works out and we go to the same gym. Never see him.  

Administration decisions need to come from authority not a third party.
For example: I am going through a divorce and not allowed to see my child but 3 hours a week. I swung by EDS to see my kid and have lunch with him in the lobby, but the decision tree went like this.  
1) I meet secretary. 
2) The secretary has a story to tell Kevin  
3) Kevin doesn’t like the story.  
4) I am not allowed to see my kid for lunch.  
5) I get a forceful email. 
6) no reply back 
  All the while. I never see the Gorilla.

Recently, I had my 3hrs removed from seeing my kid. Now what do I do? 

Okay, let’s talk about Kevin, a little longer, and his leadership qualities. To find fresh tattooed woman walking the halls almost reminds me of the jail warrant! 

Some teachers were gifting “their FRESH INK to the children” Wearing more exposed clothes to show off this off-putting art.  I had to bring a message “just like this one” for Kevin to do something about it. He finally asked staff to cover their bodies in front of the kids. The uphill battle to be heard is repulsive. 

Furthermore, the complaint my child makes is 

Child: “Grownups don’t talk to us.” …

Parent: Why don’t they? 

It’s a private school for intimate class size. Why doesn’t this happen?

Because the product you’re delivering is old. The HALLS NEED TO BE PURGED! The children get passed along from responsibility to responsibility.  It isn’t about the kids at EDS. Faculty walk around with egos enterprising their next corporate power move. The women are the majority and the halls stink of woman empowering era. 

Furthermore, Why are we teaching Spanish?

Sorry, but my child is not looking to work in a warehouse to learn Spanish.  I hope he owns the warehouse! If we are paying for a 1st world education then why are we learning 3rd world languages?

Here is my concern: The Spanish teacher keeps her arms crossed, driving a 100K car while wasting semester time while the kids are left holding the bag. She spends weeks teaching kids the dance moves to the Macarena and I get nearly punched in the face by Kenvin Kunst for bringing it up.

We are paying for this. We are working professionals watching the landscape of technology change before our eyes while our kids are being taught to count to 10 in Spanish for the 4th semester. This is shit guys!

1st world Day Care, 3rd world foreign language. Why can’t we recognize the watered-down education we are offering the American Children? 

I can say with pride, that I taught my child calculus by the age of 5. I understand children. I am credible and worthy of this opinion. I am standing before you pleading for a change. We are a conning the kids of an impactful education. 

If we start by posting a position for a Chinese Language teacher, we will have this step down by the fall of 2024. 

Also, the humbling needs to accrue at EDS. These women are running wild, with a Violent Gorilla trying to back up all the MAMA’s. The product you’re selling into the market is garbage. The halls delivering this product need to be purged, I assure you. 

The hardworking American people have nowhere to turn during this WOKE movement but to a private school.

Some parents are truly sacrificing sending their kids to EDS, in hopes that EDS is staying up at night planning for there children’s future. But you’re not! Some parents have seen hardship and landed at your doorstep. DON’T TAKE THE MONEY AND RUN! 

These immigrants and half-educated parents want the best and don’t know the route to success, but hope that you are providing this for them, but you are not. You are stealing from these parents.

Some of these parents are putting less food into their own mouths so they can afford EDS instead the halls are filled with Admin bullshit. The warmth of power. The unshaken statuesque. And not about the kids!

“An absent administration not facilitating learning but only contracted by the superintendent.”

We all want to stay, but this mediocrity has to go. As parents, we can form an alliance group to have our voices heard because Gorilla is busy with his hoes. 

At times, I think of why Kevin wouldn’t write to my emails or why he never embraces a meaningful conversation, but throws his weight around, because he is not hopeful either. 

Yes, I drive around Evansville crying because I don’t see my son. I can’t find a way to even facilitate a lunch, but when I came to see my kid from a distance at his last year’s school play. Kevin had some words for me!

He comes to me with closed fists and stands inches from my face threatening to hit me. I tried to avoid the situation but he was deliberate about saving MAMA’s. I had to tell him it was harassment and I had to get loud for him to back off!!!

I got to watch the play from outside while standing next to Kevin. I asked, “How many semester hours did it take to learn this same Spanish melody, this year?”

Gorilla replies “AS MUCH AS IT NEEDED TO. I don’t like your attitude, you better get off my campus right now. This is my school.” 

I created some distance from what looked to be a very unhealthy man. You can’t see his eyes. His large demeanor is very threatening. He looks like he is struggling with an addiction or unstable mind.

I simply asked him:
 “Can you tell me why you never reply to my emails?” 

Gorilla started Yelling for me to get off the property or he would have the police arrest me. He screamed this as I turned and walked away peacefully.

All the while, kids were singing the same Spanish melody I have heard through the years, in the background

As parents, we are looking for the next director to make an impact. There is too much technology lying around in this First World Nation for us to run a 3rd world schooling.

I am here to stay. My kid is in a safe place. time wasted. Not happy. I am offering to help and if you want to make an example of me and my kid. I will see this as a path to form an alliance of wealthy parents who strike out across the street from EDS. Simple. 

The countless number of EDS dropouts have said:
 “They don’t write back, they don’t care. The attitude is, enrollment is up and we will replace your child overnight”

I am simply proposing a more efficient way of raising children where they are not broken into desks and the atmosphere is not predicated on teachers’ involvement or mood. 

Let the children run an autonomous classroom, where the teacher acts as the facilitator of activities. The children are presented with the daily curriculum, but they can choose to dance, sit on the floor, or have recess anytime they want and learn tasks according to their moods and receptivity to the subject. 

This will give the children a voice and for us to look into their development. We can then monitor why a child has been sick for 8 months straight, as my child has been since he left my side, and what level of neglect are we trying to solve. The wristbands and daily activities will indicate the culprit. 

Also, anomalies in development don’t have to be left to a coincidence, but we can have algorithms nurturing those conditions. 

We can apply sleep patterns and nourishment to other kids and offer a pristine educational system. Where children can benefit from nature and nurture. 

I am proposing a sensible solution to the bureaucracy and nook-keeping administration. Either, we all unite and make a change for these children or I will simply reach out to more parents and come up with a pricing model to build my own school. 

To be targeted and threatened with balled-up fists by some unhealthy guy who is looking to SAVE MAMA’s is not how we do things. We follow up with concerns and find a non-threatening way to mend the system that we are all a part of.

This letter is for all boards of administration to read in the tri-state area. EDS is experiencing poor leadership, and rotting and it’s on the tip of everyone’s tongue, I am simply voicing it. The house is on fire and no one is helping the children. 

Please take a moment to consider implementing Ai into our classrooms, if you feel the need. The Technology is designed for a better enhancement of life for kids. We quip children with a voice, and command and we listen. 

We are raising the next level of leaders and we need to act a little more seriously. Teachers are burned out, underpaid, and left to defend their own. Naturally, mediocrity falls on the landscape and facilities become a place of power struggle.

Honestly, would you rather have your child emulate the best and the brightest by having exact mathematics applied or Kevin Kunst?

Now, one thing about Kevin that touches a nerve with me is this. For the past 4 years, he hasn’t made a change. He sits isolated in his office being unhealthy. THEN tried to PUNCH ME DOWN. 

If the effects of pornography are addictions that don’t end with a definitive satisfaction then one can only assume it keeps going. Therefore the imagination gets to run wild in the matrix and in organic intelligence. He is surrounded by women who look to have no shame. Kids who are shuffled from classroom to classroom, helplessly. I would simply assume his mind could wander off to your child next. 

Med Life Log .org.   Vs. Kevin Kunt ?

I say, we stop wasting time and catch up with the rest of the 1st world nations. We are ages behind in infrastructure, software & our kids. As a nation, we are being laughed at over our leadership skills. The demise of status Que. The never-ending numbers game that causes the fall of the empire.

Please consider using a new methodology, with the current divorce rate, children are subjugated to poor sleep habits, inadequate nutrition, and ultimately hindered development.

We can pinpoint the divergence in development during a traumatic split-up. Ai can suggest therapists and set up online sessions all through analysis of patterns. 

We are all busy and the sequence of common tasks can overwhelm us. Ai smoothens daily tasks, makes tasks fun for parents, fosters kids with independence, and guides them with algorithms. We will build a Neuro Network while studying other kids around the world and optimizing for the best. We are building the Silk Road to child development.

The Web3 technology ensures that student medical records, educational data are immutable and used as a datapoint for the Ai to analyze with real-time data analytics, we offer personalized educational pathways tailored to each child’s unique needs and abilities, fostering an environment where every student can thrive.

By monitoring and analyze the impact of diet on children’s cognitive and physical development, our platform provides actionable insights for parents and educators to optimize nutrition for better learning outcomes. Empower parents with detailed reports and progress tracking. Our user-friendly interface keeps parents engaged and informed, strengthening the home-school connection. Furthermore, efficient resource allocation, schools can utilize data-driven insights to allocate resources more efficiently, ensuring that every student has access to the tools and support they need to succeed.

Future-proof education, embrace the future of education with our scalable and adaptable blockchain solution. Stay ahead of the curve with a system designed to evolve with technological advancements. Invest in a smart, more secure, and transparent education system. Together, we can raise a generation of smarter, healthier, more capable children. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to be at the forefront of this education revolution. 

The Neuro Network algothrythems will be engineered based general intelligence factor, also known as g factor. The concept that originates from psychometric research and is used to explain the commonalities among various cognitive abilities.

Mathematics, literature, and technical skills can be effectively taught through daily exposure at a young age and then personalized for each student. AI algorithms, designed to study gifted children, can offer optimized teaching strategies for all students within the platform. These algorithms will be built based on the g factor, or general intelligence factor, which originates from psychometric research and explains the commonalities among various cognitive abilities.

A universal platform where teachers can share best practices and resources for integrating AI into their teaching can significantly improve educational outcomes. This approach allows for timely and effective interventions. Additionally, educators and policymakers can make more informed decisions based on comprehensive data, ultimately enhancing the educational experience for all students.

Contact us today to learn more about how our Web3 technology can transform your educational institution and create a bright future for our children. 

Roo Dov


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