The MedLifeLog Kiosk goes beyond physical health concerns and prioritizes mental well-being by integrating an empathetic AI-driven mental health support system.

Our AI will connect you with the top Health Care professionals

Professional and credentialed therapists who you can trust

MedlifeLog utilizes an advanced AI algorithm to connect patients with the most suitable mental health experts, ensuring high-quality care. Our platform offers personalized therapist matches, similar to in-office therapy but with the convenience of accessing it from home. Additionally, our AI system assists medical professionals by providing access to patient logs and data, enabling accurate diagnoses and intelligent medication scheduling for improved treatment outcomes.

How It Works

AI-assisted therapist matching

MedLifeLog’s AI analyzes your medical history and needs, and then connects you with a therapist with the best matching experience and expertise.

Access to required health data

MedLifeLog’s platform securely stores patient health data on Hyperledger, and provides a single unified platform to access it for authorized people

Automatic scheduling and reminders

MedLifeLog’s AI will intelligently set reminders for the patients about their medical schedules. It will also be able to take the patient’s feedback on whether they are feeling some improvement from their medications.

Smart recommendations for relevant treatments

MedlifeLog’s AI system also provides smart recommendations for other relevant treatments beyond over-the-counter medications. It takes into consideration your specific mental health condition and may suggest additional therapies, lifestyle changes, or alternative treatments that could complement your therapy sessions. These recommendations aim to enhance your overall well-being and support your mental health journey.